Very difficult without seeing the band, depends on the people involved, the music, their appearance.

I've worked with a lot of bands but nearly always use two approaches, I shoot some live shots because these can usually be quite powerful, and I do a 2-3 hour location session, the location comes from discussing ideas with the band, sometimes I use studio shots.

Some ideas appear outrageous, I photographed a band in a wine bar sat eating a bicycle, same band performing to the animals in a zoo to promote a track "Animals in Music, Spiders in Pianos" This was a band I worked with for a few years from the late 70's, and I still work with one of the musicians. At the time they were pre-punk and very avant-garde.

I'd suggest you talk to the band, ask what ideas they have, see if the music sparks ideas. Begin with some live shots if you can.