Well,,, got things un-boxed and dusted off. Really a clean setup. new batteries, slapped on the zoom and shot a few. Looks and sounds great. There are a coupld of scrapes on the finish in one place,,, I'm betting it had something to do with his helmet mount.

I must say, I've used a Mamiya C33 back when, really liked it. My Nikon F's, the Linholf Technika, another TLR Graphic 22,

The Pentax 645 is a complete PIB. Wish it had a waste level finder. Seems like it would really work nice on a tripod, but why on earth would I use a sub-mini format if I was going to do tripod work??? Focusing is just weird. Like I was peering thru a peep sight, seemed like I wanted to move the camera back and forth so I could see the whole image.

You've noticed,,, we didn't bond well ;-) The grip works good, unless you rotate the camera 90, then I have trouble getting to the shutter release.
How's that go??? Sour Grapes!!! It's a good thing, at least I'll actually be able to keep from keeping it ;-)