just getting my first 4x5!, and need to select a lens.....

I am being offered the following:

65 mm lens, Calumet f 8. $125

75 mm lens Fujinon SW, f 5.6. , $450.

Schneider Tele-Arton, Schneider 180, f 4. $250.

Technika Tele-Arton, Schneider 240 mm f 5.6, $250.

Fujinon L, 210 mm f5.6, with $350.

Schneider Technika Symmar 150 mm / 265 mm (convertable), f 5.6, $350.

What would you get started with (and does the price seem fair?)? I perhaps will get two lenses. I plan on mostly shooting landscapes and city scapes. Too bad $$ is always a limited commodity! Thank you, APUG community! Hope to post pics soon enough!