Good morning, Stark;

Tom Bertilsson made a good point: Find a film and developer combination available from a company that is going to be making it for a while.

I wish it was that easy. I thought I had done it. Eastman-Kodak Company's Panatomic-X in their Microdol-X. Then they dropped Panatomic-X, so I went to another high resolution film. Five years ago, they dropped that one. About a year later, they even stopped making Microdol-X. I do not want to go into the subject of papers for printing. At times it can be a challenge to be a loyal customer.

Now I am still experimenting with other films from different companies and developers from Photographer's Formulary, Freestyle, Eastman-Kodak, and maybe a few others. I am not able yet to say that I am really learning anything about all of these films and chemicals. At times it is not easy to remember which one did what, and what I could use that charactersitic for, if I could remember which one did it.