Thanks to all of you who have given suggestions. It really has helped.

I have a new question: I plan to go down to the floor before the game and get a meter reading. I recently came to possess an incident meter. Would it be better to use that, or get a through-the-lens reading off a grey card?

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One more suggestion, get used to the servo mode on the camera. The rebel should have one shot, AI and servo modes. Servo follows focus on moving subjects. It also eats batteries a bit more. The worst is setting the camera on one shot during sports action and having lots of out of focus pics!
I spent some time going through the manual and playing with the camera this weekend. It looks like the servo shooting mode is available only in "sport" mode, which is essentially full auto plus focus on each shot. So taking advantage of it requires giving up all control over the image.

Playing with this camera has been interesting. My cameras are all from the '40s to the '80s, so I've never used an auto-focus SLR before. I can see why people like all these modern gizmos. The auto-focus on the 75-300 zoom is pretty quick, but probably still not quick enough for basketball. And who knows if I'll have the focus point on the player or on the crowd at double the distance on the other side of the floor?

From experience in this arena I have done most of my shooting at about 100mm but it appears the image stabilization will allow trying all the way in to 300mm. Following toro_Mike's suggestion of 3200 iso film should give enough depth of field to allow for error in zone focusing at around 1/250 sec.