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So I just got a new Kiev 88c (worked on by Hartblei according to eBay) and on my first shutter cock the knob jammed. I took the lens off and the mirror is now crooked. I've been looking at some manuals online and can't figure it out. I think it will work if i can get the mirror aligned. I'd rather not ship it back to Ukraine and have to wait for a replacement.

Does anyone have any advice on how to put this sucker back into alignment? Maybe a picture that shows what the mirror is supposed to look like? Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks!
Good morning, Ryan;

Orphan cameras. Yup, not an easy life. And, e-Bay may not be the best source for buying any camera equipment expecting it to work upon arrival, leaving well alone a Kiev 88. However, there may be hope.

The Kiev Arsenal (Zavohd Kiev) got out of the commercial photography equipment business about two and one half years ago. They may still be doing government work. Do not try to send your camera to Kiev "for a replacement." It will not work that way.

When the factory closed the photography section, there was a rumor that ARAX FOTO had purchased the parts and remaining stock, and some of the tooling. We do not know where the lens coating equipment went, if it did. You can send your camera to Gevorg at ARAX (www.araxfoto.com), and the reports indicate that he does good work, but that does require shipping your camera across the ocean. ARAX is still probably our best source for parts and accessories for the Kiev.

Saul Kaminsky's Kiev/USA probably was the best thing we had in the United States (please note the use of the past tense; "was"), but Saul died. His wife tried to keep the company going, but it withered. However, one bright spot in this is that we have just located the guy who was the main camera technician at Kiev/USA. Stanislav Studzinskyi was at the Kiev Arsenal for 36 years, and at Kiev/USA for 12 years more. Now he has opened his own business in Petersburg, New York, with a speciality in repairing cameras and lenses from Kiev (imagine that!). He also does work on some other selected brands.

His website is at www.mechanicalcamerarepair.com

His e-mail is info@mechanicalcamerarepair.com

As mentioned, he was just found, so I have no real volume of information about his current work from this new location. However, one of my Kiev 88 cameras is about to go into a box for a trip to New York for a CLA. I should have a report in a few weeks.

You might also look at Kevin Ing's website, www.kievaholic.com, and Nathan Dayton's www.commiecamera.com, and Trevor Allyn's www.pentaconsix.com, and Rick Denney's The Kiev Report forum on www.delphiforums.com. Steve Ash on The Kiev Report is very good with knowledge about Kiev 88 repair. That will get you started with information on the Kiev 88 and provide contact with other experienced Kiev 88 users. There are several others I can provide also if you wish.