I have a Gossen Sixtomat selenium meter that was old when I got it, with a camera purchase, not quite 35 years ago. It's still easily within 1/2 stop, and will meter well in light conditions down about f/2.8 @ 1/30 on EI 400 (though, being older, it doesn't have EI settings higher than 400 -- not a huge handicap, since it's easy to set it one or two stops lower than the film speed and compensate, if necessary). Yes, a silicon blue cell will meter in lower light, probably 4-5 stops lower. No, I don't often shoot in light like that, and when I do, I can usually make do with an exposure guide (the CdS meter in my Spottie doesn't go more than a stop or so dimmer than the Sixtomat anyway).

These days, if you can find one, a Sixtomat shouldn't set you back as much as $20. If it works at all, it should be accurate. It also has an incident cover, BTW.