Hello All,

I have a 4X5 field camera, and I am giving considerable thought to taking one of my existing lens boards and putting heavy cardboard across the opening, and using an exacto knife or small knife on my Gerber tool to make an aperture opening in the cardboard. I was thinking of using black hinge tape as the "shutter".

From the threads I've read here and on other forums, most people make a 4X5 pinhole camera from paint cans or big cigar boxes. I wasn't able to find much info on what I am thinking of doing.

Since this is a field camera, I am trying to figure out how large to make the aperture and how far to extend the bellows when shooting. I am guessing I won't be able to see much on the ground glass. I am also concerned about reciprocity failure and whether to use a fast film or a slow film to help prevent it.

Any advice/recommendations are very welcome.

'Thank you in advance :-)