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Rol_Lei Nut ;

I think Your singapore Zeiss lens is Rollei 35 Sonnar. I have one and it is sensitive to minimum light change.
My sensor is not working and it is extremelly difficult to get correct color print. I used 5 Leicas , all Wetzlar made and they were far faraway easier to use. I didnt any bad pictures in 36 never. Every photograph was art piece , color or bw. Its my biggest mistake to invest that much money to Rollei but not a Leica. I used Zeiss copies 80 and 250 on Kiev and they were superior , there was light in the pictures.

MattKing , I tried but could not agree with some canadian summilux glass. But if Elmarits are from Canada , I cant imagine to find better.
The Zeiss/Rollei lens in question is a 25mm.

I decided to take a quick look around and see which of my Leica lenses aren't made in Germany (i.e. Canada - horror!!! :-) ):

Summicron R 90mm
Summicron M 35mm
Tele-Elmarit 90mm
Apo-Telyt 180mm f/3.4

While the Tele-Elmarit might not be the absolute best of the 90mm Leica lenses for some aspects, it is a great carry around and landscape lens.
The others are among my favorites.

There is definitely nothing "magical" about "Made in Germany".

BTW. I tend to prefer the look of Zeiss glass to Leica, though more recent Leica lenses are arguably technically better. Leicaflex SL & SL2 bodies are a strong argument for using Leica leses, even if they are less endowed with that 3d look.