Hi there everyone,
If all goes to plan - flat sale nearing completion, visa applied for etc - I should be on my way to Queensland in a couple of months. The plan is to settle for at least a good while (my wife is Australian) and I am of course bringing my photo gear with me.
My question is with photo materials. I am bringing a small supply to keep me going for the first year or so - ADOX MCC paper, Foma Nature 532 and a bit of the new Fomalux contact paper (which I have yet to try but I just know it's gonna be great).
I am wondering though whether I can bring in Ilford Warmtone Developer and Moersch EasyLith Developer. I've looked all over the govt. sites and can't seem to find a precise answer. The shipping co. says it is hit and miss with liquids but powders are ok (I am bringing some metol and a few bits I don't want to throw).
Does anyone know or have experience of bringing in these sorts of things?