Hi folks,
I am hopefully going to South India for approximately 4 weeks in may on my way to Australia. I visited the south once before in 1999 and most of my pictures were taken on slide film. I was not really into photography at the time and think I was using a cheap P&S camera though there were some surprisingly nice pictures (it's the slide thing, colours, light...) there when I had a look at the slides the other day.
The film I was using was Sensia 100 and though I wouldn't have realised at the time I can see that it has pretty good exposure latitude for a slide film, with some reasonable shadow detail and highlights are not too bad for snapshot pictures.
This time though I would like something a little more saturated.
I have limited experience of slide films but my technique is much better than back then so I could work with a film with less exposure latitude. Plus I will be using a matrix metering SLR on this trip.
So what films are there that have a bit more colour than Sensia at 100 to 400 asa and will be suitable for typical travel photography - architecture, landscape and street scenes handheld in good light plus some sunsets and streetlight lit night photos? I will be taking a tripod.
The pictures will be mostly for projection but I anticipate scanning and printing a selection for a little album too.
So far I am leaning towards the Elite Chrome films - maybe the extra saturation one. I'm not afraid of deeply saturated pics (velvia 50 style) but it will still be needed for general purpose snaps.
What to do?