Water wings and a snorkel!

Another 200mm of rain somewhere in QLD today in an 8 hour period, heard it on the wireless in the ute.

Seriously though, ensure that you can store your gear in a dry area, humidity this year is unbelievable, literally dripping from ceilings and running down walls in some places somewhere.

Apart from Ilford products, and then only a reasonably small range, you will find it sort of hard to get many of the papers you can get easily in the UK. Bring whatever you can carry, you won't regret it.

Bringing in powder solutions in their original sealed packaging is usually acceptable, or was last year when I went to Germany and took some film developer with me.

Bringing in liquid stuff could be problematic, not necessarily from this end, but from your end and wherever you touchdown halfway here.

I myself have Ilford's warmtone developer because I wished to try it, but I went back to mixing my own warmtone paper developer, cheaper and I mix up what I need only.

By the way, I'm not kidding about the humidity, it is a real problem in some places and some houses.

Welcome to Australia, marrying a skippy must be interesting, my missus married a skippy and reckoned it was a steep learning curve!