Good morning, Ryan;

That great* Internet auction site has not been particularly good for me in terms of getting a used camera that could be put to use when I took it out of the box. While I normally consider all cameras coming to me to be in need of a CLA, most of the cameras I have bought through eek-bait required repair to be fully useful or to be used at all, and about 20% were condemned to being just a parts source. My main reason for using it at all is that it has been one of the few places where I can find some unusual or older camera equipment.

The Kiev 88 and 88CM are not cameras for the "faint-of-heart" even when bought new. Yes, I have both. Routine maintenance is a way of life with them. The film magazines have been my major complaint, although there have been a couple of things about the bodies also. A black "scrunchee" elastic hair band to go around the joint between the camera back and the magazine does help quickly with light leaks. The original "quote" received from Stanislav Studzinskyi for a routine CLA for a Kiev 88/88CM was $95.00 plus shipping. I do promise to report on the results. And, following that, I may send the Zodiak-8B 3.5/30mm lens to him also. Mine has an aperture that occasionally works properly between f/3.5 and f/5.6.

You said that the seller on e-Bay has a number of other bodies in stock, so you can exchange it with him. Mikhail Fourman of KievCamera, by any chance?

* A reference to size; not necessarily the quality of the product received or the experience of the process.