What you really need is a material that's been discontinued - Kodak Vericolor Slide Film or Kodak Vericolor Print Film. This was film for making a positive (slide) image from a color negative. The slide film was 35mm and could be used in a slide duplicator setup. The Print Film was 4x5 and could be used to make enlarged positives.

Your only solution today would be to use motion picture intermediate film (interpositive), or to have the film scanned and output to a film recorder onto slide film.

I'm confused by your references to ECN-2. This is the motion picture film developing process (like C-41 or E-6).

Kodak does have a new intermediate motion picture film that does not have the rem-jet backing so it does away with the rem-jet removal steps. There is publication on the Kodak website -

KODAK Publication No. H-24.07, Processing KODAK Motion Picture Films, Process ECN-2 Specifications, Module 7. The publication describes the ECN-2 motion picture film developing formulas.

There are ECN-2 processing kits available, but they are large sizes as it is assumed that you're using a motion picture film processor.

I'm a bit confused by your question about making "inadequate paper prints." You can, of course, make paper prints directly from the negatives you currently have.