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Pretty much, thanks.

How were results presented?
Say if you added a shot of Rh...
Did it show results in crystal images, a verbal description, or a simulated characteristic curve?

Do you have any samples of what a print out from the program looked like?

The presentation of results were in terms of solutions used, methods of preparation, a spreadsheet of the formula and individual tabbed segments of each individual operation. The printout included a "snapshot" of the emulsion formula in terms of "suitability" for scaling, overall operational suitability and it filled in the blanks of unknowns in any calculations (solving equations as it went). It also presented a graph of what the run-time data should look like so that the maker could compare with the actual process data.

It did not give them data on the amount and time to add any addenda as that was the designers job which varied too much from formula to formula.

It did include any post run time data that the user uploaded with the formula.

Basically, it warned the maker or gave an outright error if they violated some standard "rules" of emulsion making.