There was a lot of "contraband" aboard every space flight, and some items just vanished appearing later in the hands of project members. Not everything you see as "real" is! Some of it is made up of extra materials, the real stuff having been distributed among the "staff". My crew was the first group signed onto John Glenn's pad after the launch. I picked 2 bolts off the ground that were still smoking and also one of the ring seals from the capsule. One of the bolts was a part of an explosive bolt that released the Atlas on launch. I still have them both.

I have a spare film winder from one of the cameras that was tested and rejected due to size. It would not work with the glove. And, I have a photo of myself holding John Glenn's camera and standing in front of two other capsules in the white room. I still have my last set of white room garb, booties and hat!