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Don't know where you could find plans at but have you thought about using paper negatives instead of film? Shooting film would be nice but paper negatives have their benefits too. I've built a couple wooden cameras out of leftover plywood and soda can metal for the pinhole material and have gotten great results.

yes, I did!!! I made my own pinhole, being able to use (o the same camera) 3 diferent focal distances (wide, normal and tele) just puting the paper near the hole, in the midle or at the back. It worked very well and it was a great discovering for me.

I post some photos about it:

- General external view of the camera
- Interior (Inside) the camera. Here you can view the 3 diferent placements where you can put the paper and get a wide, normal or tele camera.
- Stenopo (the hole) that also can be changed to acomodate the diferent focal lengths if necessary.

The drwbacks (for me and my camera dessign) are:

1. Just can play one shot, then you need to go at dark to change the paper.
2. So many long times. Paper has very low sensivity (maybe 3 ASA?)
3. Too big to transport. Really, isn't so big but ... it's like a shoe box.

I want o make another pinhole but a "nice" pinhole. Wood pinhole. Using 35mm film (probably I'll change the size of the frame, maybe 24x24mm or I'll make it variable). I'ld like to test one of these laser pinholes, ...

So I've got an idea about what I want but I'ld like to have some plans just to finish my this personal project.

Than you everybody,