Yes, I wrote about this a while back. I have Kodak ImageLink microfilm in 35mm width. It CAN be run though a manual 35mm camera but with much consternation. In the dark you manually load the film onto the take-up side but NOT attached to the take-up spool. Leave it loose. Because it is rather tough to load much this way you will not get more than about one foot into this compartment. (Lead the film into the space between the take-up spool and the right edge of the camera and work it around to the other side of the take-up spool until most of the foot is wrapped around the take-up spool.) Now simply let the film glide over the sprockets and over the film aperture and tape the end onto a spool you insert into the compartment that is normally for a cassette of film. Close the back. Now cock the shutter and nautually the film does not move but it is already set for the first exposure. For the NEXT exposure simply turn the film rewind lever clockwise about one turn (you will have to determine, beforehand, how much of a turn is needed to advance one frame.) In this way you have about six to eight frames per load.

For processing, start with developing for one half the time used for Ilford Pan F and if that is still too much contrast dilute the dev. As far as EI (speed): I find that and EI of two stops slower than Pan F (about 6) is best as this film is VERY unforgiving with over exposure. You WILL lose much shadow detail with contrasty scenes but with dull lighting it is sensational. - David Lyga