Long over due update. Cards received in no special order:
Rob Skeoch's car on the prairies on the wonderful new Ilford paper.
kraker's "At the Fair" Lot's of fuzzy friends looking for a new home.
rst's bridge pinhole. Who needs a load of fancy glass anyway?
Wayne Frederick's castle ruins. Great point of view, I wonder what stories this castle could tell.
Mark Rewald's statue from Mexico. A lovely warm paper really works with this subject.
Aron's "I Forgot" A picture withs questions, why in the runner running,where does that ladder go, and just what did the sign writer want to say.
rtbadman's reflections. Interesting lines, real and abstract at the same time.
Judith's poles with snow hats. Likely melted by now. Great texture in the snow.
DrZish's rocks. Who piled them up? Who lives in the darkness?
jeffmerlet's Busy Bees at the Beach. A candid shot with lots going one. I wonder what the central girl is doing, look ready to pounce on something.
Tim Gray's flag with thousands of people. Nice of them all to stand for you to take the shot.
gordrob's 2816 steam engine. Always room for another train. In fact I almost used a train image for my card, still might in a future round.
djhopscotch's ceiling details. Complete with a ghost, hmmm
Mike Fagan's drowned tree. I like this image, hope you didn't get you feet wet.
Fleath's "Hard Rubbish" just arrived. A nice garden seat waiting by the road. Maybe looking for a new home?

That's about it for round 21, still a handful outstanding but a great bunch of images.