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Water wings and a snorkel!

I myself have Ilford's warmtone developer because I wished to try it, but I went back to mixing my own warmtone paper developer, cheaper and I mix up what I need only.

Welcome to Australia, marrying a skippy must be interesting, my missus married a skippy and reckoned it was a steep learning curve!

Hi Mick,
I was wondering if just adding P Bromide to Ilford PQ Universal would be more or less the same as Ilford WT. So you make your own from scratch? I regularly make D-76H but that is the only thing I do from raw chems. Are the ingredients easy/cheap to get?
Have been to Oz for 6 months back in 1999 and it was a bit of a culture shock. I'd been to India for 4 months on the way which is pretty 'other' so it was even weirder landing in country Queensland.
I'm doing the same thing this time (India first) and can't wait to get to Australia - new start and all that.