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Yes, I am posting this myself. I do so simply to suggest that LensWork is a worthy publication for those with an interest in fine art photography. Too much time is spent on debates of process, digital versus gelatin. In the end, it is the vision that plays the major role, not the process.

I can assure you that all of my images presented in this issue, as well as those made over the past six decades, originated on film and are gelatin silver prints. Brooks Jensen of LensWork, made the scans for this issue from my gelatin prints.

Please take a look, and for those familair with my work, there are some recent additions in Portfolio #8 on my website.

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Hi Merg,
Haven't read LensWork for years; I'll buy this issue just to see your feature. Always love looking at your work. Very much enjoyed the new stuff on your site!

Best, Mark