Yes, yes, GFE and the archives are there, but there seems to have been so many conflicting claims recently over the availability of RA-4 papers and chemistry that I thought this question would at least be useful to all the other sobs like me in need of a summary.

It's been a while since I printed RA-4, almost two years, and my last trip to the local photo store was not encouraging (welcome to Montreal, where we fear above all looking left behind). I was looking for:

* 8x10 or 11x14 RA-4 paper: what's left from Kodak and Fuji?
* RA-4 developer: I used to get the Kodak 1-Gal kit, do they still manufacture it?
* RA-4 bleach+fix: I used to get the Kodak 10L kit, same question?

Other questions:

* Are the Tetenal or other third party RA-4 products worth using?
* Did Fuji ever made small-batches RA-4 chemistry available in North America?
* If you live in Canada, are you able to get chems shipped either from another Canadian place, or from the USA?

You do understand that asking those questions to the 18 year old clerk at the photo shop has yielded so far nothing more than confusion and ignorance, so I'll pass on the suggestion to call the shop!