Are you processing in trays or do you have some sort of auto drum like a jobo?

I use trays and 10L Kodak RA/RT Mfr. Part: 8415580
This will work in trays at less than optimal temperatures. I've used it successfully down to 64f with extended development times. (1:45-2:00 minutes)
Adorama will ship in US but don't know what prices are to Canada and what restrictions are in place.

For Blix I use Kodak Mfr. Part: 8309031
I use no starters for either of these and we have good authority that none is needed.

Current papers offered now seem to be optimized for both digital & optical exposure which may compromise for rnlargers.
I still have a fair amount of Supra Endura (older stock still can be found in the US) and got a good deal on a 611 ft roll of Kodak Edge (thinner base/support). The Edge is okay but the Supra Endura looks much better.

I did use Fuji CA about 5 years back but haven't tried any of the MANY types of CA on the market now.
IDK how it behaves in trays at lower temps.

Good luck, I just came out of my DR where I was printing some Portra NC from a new to me 60mm Zeiss Distagon and it reminded me just how worthwhile it is sorting all this out.