Get the Fuji or the Symmar.
The 65 & 75mm are painfully wide on a 4x5. If you are going to specialize in architectural interiors, fine (the 65 may not even cover.)

Teles are a PITA. If you need a long lens and don't have the bellows, thats a different story. Any 4x5 camera should be able to handle a 180mm without going to a tele. A new guy starting out with a tele equates to cruel and unusual punishment!

That leaves the Fuji and the Symmar. Since the Symmar is convertible,that gives you a bit more bang for your buck, but either lens should give you a good start (210 & 150mms are considered "normal" and should offer excellent movements) Both Fuji & Schneider are deservingly very well respected for their optical products. What condition are the shutters?
One of my favorite 4x5 lenses is the Kodak 203mm f7.7 (or Wollensak equivalent)---look real hard and you might find one in a good working shutter for $200 or under.