Ok. I've been reading various threads here and on other sites for about the past six hours. While I believe it should be simple, my head is hurting.

I only want to do c-41 at home for 4x5 & 8x10 negatives. I currently send to Samy's and am happy with the price and service. However, waiting to build up enough exposed film to send out can sometimes take me a month or more, and then another week and a half round trip for the processing.

I just want to know if the following idea is viable. I didn't seem to come across a mention of it while I was swallowing information today.

I'm looking at the big Arista liquid kit at Freestyle. http://freestylephoto.biz/20414-Aris...on?cat_id=1001

The data sheet shows that 8oz of working solution will yield 8 sheets of 4x5. For absolute simplicity sake, could I just whip up small batches of chemistry for what I need on a given day, dump it all at the end and expect the concentrate source to last for a reasonably long time?

I did notice this comment about doing pretty much the same thing with Kodak chemistry. Once I tried to track down the separate parts was when my head started getting muddles. I'm hoping using the Arista chemistry would work, and just require a single item order.