I'd love to sell you an enlarger, but the shipping is murderous.

Yeah the shipping is a killer unfortunately. Thanks for the thoughts.

Rats, I just gave away an M600 yesterday!!

Damn! Oh well, thanks anyway!

Photo Resource in Fitzroy North 9481 5200 have a number of second hand 6x6 enlargers.

Thanks for the info, but luckily I found an enlarger at the Box Hill Camera Market.

The photomarket is on at Box Hill tomorrow, I think MCC has some 35 and MF enlarger for sale there.
There was a FREE medium format b&w enlarger at Box Hill market today.

Saw that one I got a colour one I saw, an Saunders/LPL D6700 so it's all good now, but thanks for looking out for me! I didn't think I'd be able to get down there today.

Vanbar in Sydney had an eye-popping lineup of enlargers of various formats ex State Library of NSW a year or so ago awaiting despatch to Vanbar Melbourne. They may be worth a call.

I checked the Vanbar site in the second-hand section and they were all really expensive. Thanks anyway.

Another fruitful avenue might be to go to a good newsagent and in the photographic section look for a yellow-covered magazine called Photographic Trader. They have loads of stuff, including complete darkrooms for sale at times.

Yeah, read that quite a bit but didn't have a copy handy.

I made a search, and there are a few enlargers on auction at ebay.com.au, just to let you know.

Had a look on there, was watching one but got one now so it's all good.