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I loved your work Merg in both Lenswork and your website. Your work is not new to me as I have enjoyed it over many years.

Ah to be able to spend an afternoon with you .......

When people such as yourself are gone we as a photographic community will have lost all connection to the founders of the West Coast photographic movement.

In the mean time we are blessed with your presence and admirable willingness to share.
Good morning, Eric

Thank you for the kind comments, wish Calgary were closer!

Unfortunately, you make a good point about the thread of history relating to the West Coast school of photography. I only know personally, two other living photographers who knew Edward Weston, and they are not kids. What is most unfortunate with the loss of eyewitnesses, is a tendency on the part of some to rewrite history. I don't suggest this as a deliberate attempt, however it does happen. A case in point would be the Ben Maddow biography of Edward Weston, which according to the Weston "boys" contained inaccuracies. Fortunately, they were still alive to set the record straight.

In any event, it has been fun to be a witness to the lives of so many lumanaries of the West Coast school.