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Hi All,

I've just come back from a visit to the local camera store to order some Ilfochrome P3 bleach and was given a bit of a shock on the local Australian price. I have been using P30 chemicals but in an attempt to gain more control over the process have decided to mix my own variable contrast developer and fixer meaning I'd only need to source the bleach from Ilford. As a side effect I figured it'd probably be cheaper as well but I'm no longer sure that's the case. After checking the B&H site for US prices the P30 kit sells for US$42 versus AU$66 here which is a reasonable comparison. What makes me wonder what's happening is the P3 bleach (20 litre) sells for US$54 but here costs AU$175!!! It'd still probably work out cheaper but by nowhere near as much as if I lived in the US. Does anybody know why P3 components are so expensive here by comparison? Given the chemicals would have to be originally shipped from the UK anyway I can't see how shipping costs would be that different.


Just a guess: could it be due to your government having some sort of regulation or extra tariff on certain caustic chemicals? P-3 is much more caustic than P-30 (I believe it's sulfuric acid). You're right that the shipping costs shouldn't make that much difference.