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I'm guessing you are shooting 35mm but what camera and film do you intend to use?
A Real Camera<tm> of course! Seriously, Pentax K1000, Sigma 18mm rectilinear ultrawide, probably plain vanilla Fuji 200 C41 color film. Not TTL auto exposure, but auto via the Sunpak's "eye" in the unit.

Can you trigger more than one flash? Shooting on tripod?
I won't be able to do anything fancy at all, just hand held. I do have the stroboframe, so the flash will be somewhat above the normal hot shoe position.

I'm also guessing that I'll have 5 minutes or so to get everybody together, posed, and hold their attention long enough to get enough shots before they start grumbling and wander off. This group is the type who will groan when we pose them, but will go "ooooohhh, can I get a copy!" when I show the prints.

How high is the ceiling?
IIRC, 10 or 12 feet. Higher than the usual home of office ceiling.

Will people be in the photos?
Of course, that's the whole point!

Lighting is poor but is it flat/even? Main light sources?
Last time I was there, it was a mix of incandescent (might be those curly-que fluorescent) and those small reflector type highlight lights hitting artwork on the walls and such. My guess is that if I were shooting candids in available light with the RF, 800 film, 1/30, and close to wide open on the lens would be in the ballpark. In other words, I don't think the ambient light is enough to really consider here.

Do you have an external meter and ability to meter flash/ambient mix?
No flash meter. I could meter the ambient but I'm sure it will be at least a number of stops down from what the flash will do.

I'm not after perfection here. I certainly don't want to let what is ideal stand in the way of what is good.

As for the expectation of quality here, if I can do "good snapshot quality" or better, it's a winner! Something better than cam phone or typical P&S digicam quality will be fine. They were tickled pink when I said I was confident that I could get some good shots of them in there, particularly after our resident know-it-all DSLR jock said it was impossible. (Jees! I hope he doesn't read this board!) {blush}

Anyway, a few who have replied have confidently said "Trust The Force" and trust the auto-exposure and not futz around with computing guide numbers and such. This does make sense now that I think about it.

Thanks to all for the quick replies on this. I got more responses here than anywhere else.