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just getting my first 4x5!, and need to select a lens.....

I am being offered the following:

65 mm lens, Calumet f 8. $125

75 mm lens Fujinon SW, f 5.6. , $450.

Schneider Tele-Arton, Schneider 180, f 4. $250.

Technika Tele-Arton, Schneider 240 mm f 5.6, $250.

Fujinon L, 210 mm f5.6, with $350.

Schneider Technika Symmar 150 mm / 265 mm (convertable), f 5.6, $350.

What would you get started with (and does the price seem fair?)? I perhaps will get two lenses. I plan on mostly shooting landscapes and city scapes. Too bad $$ is always a limited commodity! Thank you, APUG community! Hope to post pics soon enough!
I would not comment on specific lenses, you can use KEH as a standard for the upper end for price comparisons and check the completed listings on eBay for more comparisons and the current listings for what is on offer.

As to focal lengths, for 4x5, you will, probably, end up with some combination of 90mm, 150mm and 210mm lenses. You will, probably, also, end up using the 150mm the least, with one or the other of the other two lenses used most of the time. For me, also primarily interested in architecture and landscapes, the 90mm and 210mm lenses are used 80 to 90 percent of the time. For the 90mm, a Super-Angulon XL or a Grandagon-N and, for the 210mm, either an APO Symmar L or the Rodenstock APO-Sironar-S are the current high end versions of these two focal lengths. I like keeping the same manufacturer for both, but I am partial to the Super-Angulon XL for the 90mm. The problem with it is that not all view cameras have movements sufficient to take advantage of its full movement capability and some, that do have sufficient movement, will not accept its large rear element or will interfere with its being moved, fully, when mounted on the camera. The faster Grandagon-N has a real advantage in terms of size and speed, but has a slightly smaller image circle than the Super-Angulon XL

As to cost, paying less may get you less capability, but it does not mean that you cannot find some version of any focal length that will more than do the job for a lot less money. Just know what you are getting and what the reasons are as to why it costs less.