The OP picked out a 210. Not a bad choice if the objective is learning portraiture, architectural detail, or just product shooting. I think they will find it too long for landscape and most general architecture. But... you have to start somewhere. Everyone views the world different, even through the groundglass of a LF camera. I have used a 150 Fuji lens for most of my 4x5 landscape work, it shoots what I see, as I see it. I also use a 300 for my 8x10 with no real difficulties except overrunning the movements on the Deardorff. But then again, my 30 YO FM2 has only had two lens on it in it's long and happy life, a 35mm and a 105. It's how I see.

Good luck OP, ask many questions and revel when you get two titans of the board to discuss matters of technical import. You will learn much here on APUG.

tim in san jose