b+h and other photo retailers sell screw-in slave flash bulbs
so you can replace a normal 1/4" socket c/f or incandescent bulb
with a bright flash/strobe that will slave to the flash you have on your camera.

it might be worth considering asking the folks that work at the place you want to photograph
if you can replace a few of their bulbs with yours. it will help you a lot!
i am not familiar with your flash but i have a feeling it won't really be bright enough to light a who room
so you will see more than "hot" and shadows. i used to shoot barebulb with
a lumedyne pretty often, but it threw off 200-400 WS of light, probably a bit more
than yours can do ...
something to consider is to use an elastic and a white card and tape it to the flash you have and shoot straight up.
the card will bounce the light forward and you will be able to bounce the light off the ceiling down ...
but 8-10' ceilings needs a lot of light ...

if you can go after hours and do a test roll you probably will be better for it ... shooting
something like this on the fly can be "fun"

good luck !