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I get the impression that both Fuji and Kodak have been more than a little bit incoherent to the distribution channel the past few years. I know nothing about Kodak internally, but I do know a few folks internal to Fuji North America. They used to be friendly and share information; now that's changed. Things apparently aren't desperate, but they certainly aren't good on the inside. And I don't know anyone well enough to just outright ask what's happening.

So my guess has been that the layoffs and the plant closings in the NA site are indicative of the same things going on in Kodak, and the results aren't always something that seems sensible from the outside perspective.

The things we don't know are numbers like licensing, overhead or depreciation figures that move what "should" or "could" be a profitable product into an unprofitable column, and then it gets whacked. Fuji is very closed mouthed about specifics for things like that to outsiders like me.

That's news?