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Very nice cameras, and if you get one in good condition, you won't be disappointed. Now, that's the thing with eBay, isn't it: Finding a camera in good condition.
You hit the nail on the head there because unfortunately quite a lot of people use ebay to dispose of clapped out and heavily worn cameras which are in worse condition than described. A warning sign is often the words "I know nothing about cameras/haven't got a film/selling it for a friend so haven't been able to test it". The fuzzy dark photos which frequently accompany these items and which make it impossible to really judge the item are also a danger sign. But having said all that there are some genuine sellers and bargains there but you just have to be oh so careful!

Somewhere stored in a cupboard I've got a nice Pen FT which I aim to offer on ebay in the next few weeks but I will be supplying decent photos!