I find the camera stores kind of sad, really, but National Camera out in Golden Valley (western suburb, not too far out if you have a car) has a funky hole in the wall upstairs called the Shutterbug department. It is kind of a strange place, and mostly serves as an office for the guy who sells stuff on eBay, but the last time I went up there they had a ton of MF stuff.

I live across the river in St Paul and would recommend taking a look around the riverfront area in and around Downtown St Paul. The downtown area rises up quite dramatically from the river and it is really something to see. In fact, a trip across the High Bridge into downtown from the West Side (it is actually south of the river, don't ask...) is quite dramatic and worth a trip.

Edit: Oh, and if you need film, West Photo on the east side of the river from downtown Minneapolis is fine. They serve the pro market in town and have lots of digital stuff, but not terribly much in the way of equipment, more heavily oriented toward consumables.