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I've done a few now (family & friends) and I'm gaining a reputation as a last port of call for desperate mothers alarmed that their children haven't booked a proper photographer. Maybe it's the crowd I hang around with, but no one I know has gone for the 'fairytale' wedding that costs over 15,000; they're always either registry office then pub or really eccentric. I like shooting the latter more. I don't get paid, but I do get to eat some nice food and meet interesting people.

I use two FM2 bodies, one with a 50, one with a 24. I use Fuji 400H and have a Vivitar 283 which I bounce off the registry office ceiling if I'm forced to shoot indoors. I send the films to a pro lab for 6x4 proofs and usually there's no reprint requests (the couple usually don't care about photos and the relatives are using a flat bed scanner). I hand print one or two nice photos myself. I normally shoot four rolls of film, so 144 photos.
Don't you feel that they are taking advantage of you, people used to invite me to weddings when they realized how much a wedding photographer would cost them and as an afterthought asked me to shoot the event for free, I did fall for it a few times in the past I admit, but nowadays if I'm invited to a wedding I only go as a guest.