I have gotten a few PMs and E-Mails asking me "what about Fuji in view of the nuclear accident and earthquake"?

I obviously cannot answer. I have no inside information. I can say this:

Ashigara, the location of the Fuji plant is South West of Tokyo. It is outside the present contamination area. OTOH, the quake itself would have probably ruined production from the time of the original quake until the end of all aftershocks unless the coating machines were built to withstand this magnitude of a quake and as reduced by the distance from the epicenter.

We can also consider that power and water may be limited for the short term, but we know nothing about the long term implications for Fuji. They may be back up and running by now for all we know.

Film is hyper sensitive to all radiation. If there is any present, they will have to introduce draconian methods at the Fuji plant in Ashigara to eliminate the problem.

Kodak had to introduce radiation protection in the 40s and 50s just due to the testing of nuclear weapons in the US and Pacific oceans. Radiation has a far reach even if it is near or below allowed limits. This equipment is still in place at Kodak Park, but has not been in operation in recent years AFAIK. If they have been maintained, and if Kodak were to see any problem, it would be just a matter of turning a few switches and the scrubbers would be reactivated.

The bottom line is this. I have been told that Fuji film and paper users should stock up on film as a "just in case" provision to tide them through to the summer months. This is just a suggestion from sources. We know nothing for sure, but we do want to help our APUG friends.