The radiation should not hurt Fuji products at all (and it will probably not even hurt the people who live near the plant). Other results of the earthquake will. Financial for sure, infrastructural, etc. As a former nuclear plant worker, all of the fear and misinformation about the nuclear accident is really driving me crazy! Even the worst nuclear accidents in history have caused far less damage and loss of life than conventional power plant accidents have over the years. My friend's kid's school, in Sherman Oaks, CA, has actually stopped having recess because of it! It's ignorant and ridiculous, especially for autistic kids, who need to get their ya yas out physically in order to balance themselves.

If you really want to reduce your exposure to radiation, the best way is to move to the boonies, be nocturnal, and never have any medical procedures involving it performed on you. Exposure from the accident in Japan is very, very low on the list of radiation hazards that we face.