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My friend's kid's school, in Sherman Oaks, CA, has actually stopped having recess because of it!
It was in the paper a couple of days ago that parts of the US have run out of potassium iodine due to people stocking up (my parents who live on the West Coast of Canada say there are signs in malls advertising who still has supplies). There is more radiation from taking a cross-country plane trip than from Japan right now! The x-ray I got last week gave me more radiation than the majority of people in Japan have experienced so far. Does this mean the situation is not critical and we should not do all we can to help? Of course not but neither does mass hysteria help.

PE, thanks for the information. While I do not normally shoot Fuji products, anything that hurts or is perceived to hurt film is not good. Once the hoarding starts, people put down the film and pick up the digital. Where this could really hurt is if Bollywood decides their film supply (mainly Fuji) is in danger and switches to digital production; that could influence Hollywood to decrease film in favor of digital movie production at a faster rate than they currently are.