Steve at Rayco indicated last month that a Birmingham based person was taking over the company's business, and final agreement was imminent and he has since posted on the website that the company has been taken over and is relocating. He effectively ran Rayco and was being made redundant by the owners of the parent company on completion of the sale.

During a long converasation Steve indicated that there was good potential business if a small amount of money was spent re-investing in stocks of chemicals, which had been allowed to run right down, for instance I had their last Potassium carbonate & Pyrocatechin. We had discussed the economics & profit margins on various chemicals, an area I'm familiar with from running a laboratory & purchasing similar chemicals in 25kg packs and some like Borax in volumes up to 4 metric tonnes at a time.

I was weighing up the possibilty of getting involved, which was when Steve told me a deal was nearly completed. So it will be interesting to see what materialises.