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Because film isn't as popular as it used to be it's suddenly not as good for weddings as it was twenty years ago?

I never said quality of the product was the reason I chose the other media. I have significant investment in film and film equipment here, and I do most of my "artistic" work for myself on film. My point was to think of the couple first - not the hobby. Being the first time wedding shooter that I was, the ability to view the result - to at least make sure half way decent image was recorded was high on my mind. Great tonality and artistic expression was far down the priority. So once the official wedding started, I used the "instant" method. During the low time before the "show", I used my film to shoot what I'd like to keep and enjoy.

The point I was making was, it is a serious business to be a wedding photographer - paid or otherwise. (I was a volunteer photog for a couple who had very limited $$)