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Why 400? Humm I guess with the 3.8 14.5" in the studio it would be nice.

Are they boxes of 25, 50, 100? How many will help?


Boxes of 25 sheets. If the order completes before the April price increase it's $75 per box.

Not sure why Keith chose to attempt to get an order together for TMY-2 instead of TMX, but most of my LF lenses need all the speed they can get. I don't know anyone with an available light f/1.4 250mm in a Copal shutter.

Honestly the web site isn't a great marketing tool for him. It's a little difficult to find stuff. But it is there, and you can call him at the phone number on the page. (480.250.3990)

It is clearly a small operation, but if he can get the film, then that's what counts.