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I sent a Fuji Neopan 1600 b/w film to be developed and high resolution scanned to Fotofast and it came back over exposed.

I looked at the job sheet and it had brand unknown and film speed 125.
When I questioned them they said that this info is automatically scanned from the film barcode.

Can anyone verify this or was there something wrong with the film packaging or is the developer telling me fibs. I cannot do anything about it as they send them out to a third party and don't have the film canisters to verify anything.

I will ensure that in the future I spell out what ISO the film was exposed even though they said unless told otherwise the nominated film speed on the canister is assumed to be the exposed speed which was my case.
I had a look at their website and product/price list. At first glance it all looks very impressive but then you start to see it's all set up for high volume and minimum personal attention.
I'd guess there's nothing at all wrong with the film packaging, and their "scan" of the film isn't really to verify film type and speed unless it happens to be one of their colour volume lines and it is in their database. The scan they made was simply to create a job sheet in the shop and the 'default' if there's no data to draw on is "Unknown/125". No personal attention or the person doing the scanning was ignorant of what they were handling.
Second, they sent it out to a third party accompanied by this job sheet. We don't know who they are or how competent they are. Could be a back room filled with monkeys. Could be some poor guy who is given a standard list of processes to follow which include "Unknown/125". Could be someone like me who, as a hobbyist, develops B&W film for the local camera shop guy because he can't find a lab that will do it at less than an outrageous price. I give him back the film and he scans and/or prints it, (although I really don't like the sort of prints his colour line produces from B&W negatives).

In summary, you lost control over it when you sent it to them, and they lost control over it when they sent it on and now nobody wants to take responsibility for a procedural and processing stuff-up.

As you can't develop your own, ask around and try to find someone in or near Brisbane who can do it for you. I'd try Kayell (07 3426 8200) and the Cameraholics Fair on May 22nd (07 3816 0341) to start with.