Hey All.

My exhibition is going to be on next month in Dublin and I thought I might alert members here to it. The basic concept is that I take long exposure photographs from the balconies of music venues - opening the shutter at the start of the song and closing it at the end. For the last year I have been carting my 5x4 up and down the stairs of various places around town and finally I am getting around to showing the results in public. Some of you have seen some of these shots at our print showings already. Anyway, all the details are at the link below and I hope some of you can make it along.



ps. It should be pointed out that this exhibition is not entirely "apug-safe" if you know what I mean. While the images are shot on film they then go through a distasteful process about which we will say no more here. I am hoping I can be forgiven for this since quite a few of you here know me