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You will need Dektol, Sodium Hypo, Potassium Dichromate, Sulfuric Acid, Hardening fixer, and Sodium Sulfite.


Dektol 1:2 or 1:3 for 1 - 3 minutes DBI..
clear in Sodium Sulfite bath (about 20 g/L) 1 min
Wash 1 - 2 mins.
Bleach in Dichromate + Sulfuric acid (formulas all over APUG and elsewhere for this)
clear in above clear about 1 min
Wash 5 mins
Turn on the lights and FOG the paper front and back.
Dektol again but with 500 mg /l of Sodium Hypo, DBI again.
Hardening fix

This should work. There are many many alternates for the bleach and the redeveloper.

Thanks for the quick reply and step by step instructions. Can any of the chemicals be eliminated or are all of them required and if all of them are required do they have names besides their chemical names? I just want the greatest chance of our lab having what I need. Since it's in a class darkroom, not my personal one, can I fog the paper under the enlarger rather than turning the lights on? Wouldn't want to kick everyone out of the darkroom just to fog my paper.