I hope admin does not remove this post. I am not trying to advertise.
I learned from this site there are still individuals using Devere 507 enlargers.
Quick background-
I used to own a commercial lab. I have had much of my equipment in storage for some time now.

This last month, I have been cleaning out my storage unit. Meaning cleaning out, taking to scrap metal. I did not realize traditional was stilling being done. What kills me is at the time I purchase much of the equipment new--Poli Printer- $150,000.00 , Devere 507- $5000.00, 5-S-$10,000, etc.

Last week, I took two Devere 507 to the scrap yard. It a shame, I would have given them to anyone as long as they were planning to use it.

Anyway, I have one Devere 507 left, plus other lab equipment.
I don't think this board will allow me to sell, or even post it to give it away.

Can someone tell me what would be the best way to find a home for some of this stuff? ebay? Some classifies?

It just kills me when I see the claws of death pick these machine up. Anyway, any suggestion would be great.