Hello fellow Apuger's!

As I have posted in this thread: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum54/8...otography.html
I am a senior in high school. I am required to complete a senior projecton on a topic of my choosing. I must research and learn all about that topic.

I have chosen Anaolgue photography as my topic.

I have been using film as my main photographic medium for the past year. I have also been blessed to have a fairly well equiped school darkroom to use. My analogue processing knowledge is ever expanding as I research into it more. I have also began developing my own C-41 film and am planning to try RA-4 printing.

The next portion of my Senior Project requires me to perform a visitation of a professional or knowledgeable person related to the topic.

In this post I am requesting that I may be able to visit a fellow film user's darkroom.

I would include a lunch out and material fees if I were to print.

Anyones darkroom would be okay, but I would love to go to a color darkroom if possible.

I live in the Concord area of the East Bay and can drive around or BART around.

Thank you so much for the reading and considering me. Please feel free to E-Mail or PM me.


Josh Harmon