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Doyle's correct, except...

The 60 CT1 has been in the Metz line for a long time. Depending on how old the unit is, it may be configured to take one, two or three types of batteries:

1) a nicad battery;
2) a dryfit battery (similar in many ways to a nicad, but with no problems with memory effect; and/or
3) a lead acid cell.

I haven't seen or used a lead acid cell for decades, but both of the battery housings I have (one of which came with my 60 CT2 and the other of which came with my 60 CT1) have a 3 position switch in the battery compartment that allows you to set the type of battery you are using, and there is a spot on the switch for lead acid (marked "Pb").
FYI, a Dryfit brand battery is actually a type of lead acid battery as to its chemistry and uses a thick gel instead of water. As such, it has similar (but not exactly the same) charging and discharging characteristics as a conventional lead acid battery.