I recently just snapped up a great Horseman VH-R with 105mm and 180mm (both f/5.6)Horseman lenses. Including the 4x5 adaptor and some 4x5 film backs + 6x12 roll film back. Really cheap.

I am hooked.

I love how the composition works. How it slows you down, lets you appreciate the surrounding (and stares). Also I've heard that the Horseman 4x5 adapter doesn't make it 'true' 4x5. So I'm thinking of upgrading to a Wista 45. Either the wooden one(DX) or the SP(metal).

Do you think it's wise? And if so, which one should I get? I love the looks of the DX but I like the practicality of the SP with it's rotating back and ruggedness. Also, the controls 'feels' better, maybe because I'm operating on the CH-R currently.

Also, I still have to research about lenses and their lensboard. I'm totally clueless on that.

What do you experts think?