I have seen Bob's prints, and they are truly magnificent.

Based on the list in the original post, I know that I could learn a lot from Bob; but i also know that from having conversations with him. It brings respect to print the size pictures he does consistently and beautifully!

Printing to me is all about exploring, and as we learn more our ways in the darkroom seem to become our own more and more. It's pretty amazing how many ways the same thing can be done, even if it is to varying degree of success.

Reading through the list, it is also funny to think about my own process, how I go about it, and it is striking how similar my method is. I don't use test strips, I use full sheets of paper. I usually end up making one too dark and one too bright, and then I cherry pick the best of both worlds, and that teaches me a lot about how I wish to dodge and burn, and at what contrast.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Bob! I really want to come and hang out with you in the darkroom some time.

- Thomas